Small & Medium Enterprises.

Why SME Operators and their Management should attend this conference?

We are providing the following services for the SMEs:

SME Clinic on Industry 4.0

Free counselling sessions from Government agencies, financial institutions and technology providers.

Industry 4.0 Tracks for Industries and Professionals

Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT, Smart Manufacturing, Fintech etc.

Case Study on SMEs Benefit towards Industry 4.0

Implementation, Challenges, Issues and ROI

Technology Exhibition

An opportunity for the SMEs to gain exposure on the products available to increase their operational productivity.

Financial Advice and Assistance on Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Readiness Program for SMEs

How can SMEs benefit from Industry 4.0?


The backbone of the Malaysian economy is SMEs, in which, most of them are striving to expand and grow. This creates a very competitive environment for the SMEs, regardless of their industries. Adopting the Industry 4.0 allows SMEs to be more competent in the competitive environment.


By investing in the Industry 4.0 models and technologies, the company will attract a lot more young and capable employees as they would be fonder of new and modern technologies. The new and modern technologies also allow the company to retain its employees and grow together with them, this solves the problem of lack of manpower or talents in the company.

Enhance productivity

The machines and the manufacturing process would be automated and streamlined. The systems, by itself, can predict or calculate when potential problems are likely to arise or if any machines need to be fixed. Thus, allowing any potential issues to be resolved before they become serious problems. This increases the productivity of the company. Furthermore, it reduces errors that may cause additional operational costs in the manufacturing process. With this, non-value-added data manipulation can be reduced and in turn allowing employees to focus on much more value-added tasks.

Gain more customers

By implementing the Industry 4.0 technologies, the company would be able to better meet their customer’s requirements as the manufacturing process will be optimised. They would also gain the attention of new international businesses as by adopting the Industry 4.0 model, it would show that the company is innovative and very adaptive to the trends and changes. With the industry 4.0 model, clients would also gain more trust in the company as all the data and the operation processes would be rather transparent as they would be shared on the cloud where the clients can view it too.


With enhanced productivity, trust in customers and increased number of global customers, the company will be one step closer to expansion and venturing into bigger markets.

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